Providing support and resources for women and families experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant loss, and infertility

Maybe you've begun to miscarry, or maybe a Doppler or ultrasound has confirmed no heartbeat.  Maybe you were told your baby will not survive, or you experienced tragedy at birth.  We are so sorry.  We hurt for you, and we want you to know there is love, hope and healing for you.

Someone is here to walk with you so you don't have to navigate this journey alone. 
Whether you are in a moment of crisis or years down the road, Cradled offers individual support as well as weekly peer support groups.

                                                                        We are here for you.
You can request these services at any stage of your loss and grief:

    An empathetic, listening ear

Education about what to possibly expect in your situation and options for caring for your baby post partum.We know you are often forced to make decisions at a difficult time so we want you to have the freedom to ask questions and make informed choices about the next step for you and your baby
*Please contact your doctor or midwife if you need medical attention

    †Resources such as a list of helpful books, websites, blogs, music, and keepsakes

For those in the Central Texas area:
†Singing a blessing for the baby and family
†Swaddling the baby at home or in the hospital            
†Foot and hand prints of your baby
†Complimentary professional photography
     to remember your baby
†Meals, care for your family, and someone to be with you
†Local funeral services
†Support groups--
Check the schedule on our News and Events page and RSVP for childcare, if needed.

All of these services are complimentary.  When able, please give us as much notice as possible--we will respond as quickly as we can.  We care deeply about your situation; at this time we are an all-volunteer organization, and occasionally, circumstances in our own lives may prevent us from replying as soon as we would prefer.  We appreciate your understanding, and rest assured we will do our best to get back with you!

For those in the Nashville, TN area, please check our schedule for support groups on our News and Events page.

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